30 day Instagram Challenge

Are you up to the challenge, I teamed up with my fabulous friend and business coach Chloe Barber to create this fun challenge for small businesses to challenge you to step out from behind the safety net that is this screen and show the true #thebeinginbusiness.

Each prompt allows you to share a little bit of your story and journey with your followers.

One of the most impactful things to do on Instagram is be authentic, so I am challenging you to show up as you are and show your audience the true you!

Before you say ‘But’ and tell me your not interesting or you have nothing to say let me say this, I have been there! I really struggle with self doubt and thinking I have nothing of value to say. However, when I completed the challenge myself in September, so many people commented and messaged me to say how nice it was to get to know the real me.

So I say to any of you who feel like this challenge is putting you out of your comfort zone, perhaps the fact you feel ‘boring’ or not ‘interesting’ enough is exactly what makes you interesting. That could be the ‘something special’ that makes your audience resonate with you and trust you.

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