Saving Instagram Posts

Instagram’s new/ not so new feature which creates a more Pinterest like experience.

Ever seen an absolutely amazing image that you would love to recreate, or a recipe that you want to try on instagram but once you’ve liked it and scrolled on its impossible to find again?

Well, Instagram has introduced the save button which when ever I talk to people seems to be rather under-utilised.

It is one of my favourite features on Instagram for several reasons.

It allows me to refer back to posts I love, it boost engagement and I can chunk content into buckets.

So how do you actually save?


See the little flag type button below the image tap that – this image has now been saved.

Where does it go?

You can find all your saved content if you tap the three little lines in the top right hand corner, the same way you would if you were trying to get to your settings and third from the top are your saved images.


Another really cool feature is that you can create collections. So once you have saved an image you should get a little pop up that says ‘save to collection’ from there you can create different folders to bucket up your content.


Now no one will know that you personally have saved an image but the owner of the content will be told in their insights that the image has been saved.

A saved image is a sign of good content, and so if you find that certain images keep being saved a lot you can be sure that this is an image you should keep recreating and producing as its what your followers want to see.


As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke… don’t fix it.

So as well as showing that it is valuable content, image saves also count towards the algorithms engagement levels, if an image is being saved a lot the algorithm recognises that it is valuable content and will push it out to new people it thinks will be interested in your content.

And when that happens that leads to followers 🙂

Hope this helps and makes your experience on Instagram a little more fun… why not head on over to my Facebook Page and tell me how you use the saved function?

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Love Abi x

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