4 Steps to a successful Instagram giveaway

Giveaways are a great way to reward your current followers and entice new followers to join your journey. Giveaways are often done because a company would like a little more exposure or when a big milestone has been hit like reaching 5k followers for example. 

So the real question is how do you run an Instagram giveaway and make it a huge success? How do you announce the winner without losing followers who were only there for the giveaway? How do you get more than just your best friend to enter?

These steps are going to be a step by step guide to running a killer giveaway on Instagram. #You’reWelcome (forgive me! The joys of having a 1 year old mean I have seen Moana far too many times and I cannot say this with out singing it! If you haven’t got a clue what I am talking about – you are lucky). 

1. Pick the product/service you want to give away.

What do you want to offer as a gift? I recommend sticking with a product. Giving away services often tend to means a lot more of a financial loss, as well as a lot more time and work. 

2. Choose your giveaway team, or go solo!

This one can be a little tricky.
I don’e recommend group/loop giveaways. However, they can seem attractive as they ‘seem’ to gain you lots of followers but when they have to follow all the accounts to win they are probably not going to engage with you after the give-away closes or worse they will just unfollow.

So, you might get the participation but you won’t get loyal followers.
If you decide to go it alone, that’s perfectly fine! Just plan to do some extra engagement during the giveaway to increase profile views and (hopefully) entries.  

Often the best giveaways are small, one or two participants and a business, if you are the business team up with one or two influencers max it helps followers with getting board without getting annoyed by the amount of people they have to follow. Plus if you team up with the right influencers people will want to follow because they trust their recommendation.  

3. Plan out the captions, rules, and hashtags.

Caption: Make it immediately obvious it’s a giveaway. I like to start off the caption by literally typing, “GIVEAWAY!” as my very first word. It also doesn’t hurt to add some text to your image so the people who just scroll through images without reading captions are also immediately aware.

Here is the template I often use when doing a giveaway:

(Blurb about why you are doing the giveaway for example…)
I am so excited to have reached 1k followers and as a way of saying a massive thank you to you all for all of your love and support I have teamed up with BRAND to bring you this amazing PRODUCT which DESCRIPTION. I just know you will love it as much as I do. 
To enter all you need to do is 
1. Like this image
2. Follow me and BRAND/INFLUENCER
3. Tag as many friends as you like in the comments below. Each additional tag counts as an extra entry. One tag per comment. 
4. For an extra 10 entries share this post in your stories and tag me
Entries will close on X date and the winner will be announced on X date. 
This giveaway is open to UK participants only and is not endorsed by Instagram.

Your caption should clarify what the prize is and why you are doing a giveaway, any geographical limitations, when the giveaway will end, when the winner will be announced, and a statement explaining that Instagram is not endorsing or sponsoring your giveaway.

Hashtags: Who are you trying to reach? If you only want to gain local followers, avoid #giveaway or #freestuff, and stick with your usual hashtags. If you’re wanting followers from all over, you can broaden your scope a little bit and aim to reach the niche. For instance, I would use #creativesofinstagram to reach creatives rather than people just wanting free stuff. I may get less entries, but they’ll be a lot more meaninful and likely to convert.

4. Pick a winner!

The easiest way is to simply access your Instagram post from a desktop computer. Copy and paste all of the comments into an Excel document and go to table tools –> remove duplicates. 
If you allowed additional entries such as tags or reposts, you will need to enter those individually.
See how many entries you have had and enter that number into googles random number generator. Ensure the user follows you, liked your image, didn’t skip any steps. If they do not follow you or missed steps, simply draw another number until you have a winner.


Unfortunately, giveaway entrants are famous for unfollowing you if they do not win. Instead, simply edit the original post and tag the winner, which should by now be a few posts old so no one else will be notified! Then send the winner a DM. Once the winner has acknowledged the prize you can archive the giveaway post.

I hope you found this helpful, if you have any questions leave me a comment below and I promise to answer. 

Are we already friends on Insta? If not you can find me scrolling here @thewhitethistle

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