7 Ways to collaborate on Instagram

7 Ways to Collaborate on Instagram – Reach New Audiences and Gain More Followers 

You’ve seen it in their bio ‘DM for collaborations but what does that actually mean, is it just for paid collaborations… nope definitely not. So how do you actually collaborate in a way that’s benefical to both parties?!

Here are some of my favorite ways to collaborate on Instagram:

1. Shoutout for Shoutout

My favorite way to use this technique is on Instagram stories. You simply coordinate with the ideal account and post, pushing your followers to follow them, as well. You could share a specific post on your story, screenshot their feed, or just explain why they’re awesome. Always remember to clarify that you both should @tag the other account for maximum exposure.

2. Exchange/Repost Content

Find someone who creates or captures content. Ask if you can repost them and give them credit in the caption. This is how I built my account without having to hire a brand photographer!

3. Team Up for a Giveaway

Create a giveaway, but only if you both aim to reach the same demographic. For details on running a killer giveaway, check out this blog post.

4. Host a Challenge

Team up with as many accounts as you’d like, and share a challenge. Have participants follow all of the hosts and use a certain hashtag. Challenges may involve connecting with other accounts, posting about daily themes, changing mindset, or putting new business ideas into action.

5. Take Over Another Account

Offer to takeover an account for a day or week. Announce that you’ll be taking over the page on both accounts (which will help you both grow). Use the days you’re taking over the account to give free tips, show behind-the-scenes, create relationships, and inspire! Don’t simply take over another account to promote yourself.

6. Go Live Together

Go live alongside another account. Just chat about business, or plan and market a free seminar to both of your followers.

7. Recommend Competition for your Weak Spots

If you’ve noticed your followers are often asking for advice or a service you don’t provide, tag someone you would recommend they follow! This is also a kind thing to do if you’re currently at max capacity.

Do you have any other fun ways to collaborate with fellow business owners/creatives on Instagram? Leave me a comment! Or come and find me over on Instagram where I am constantly scrolling @thewhitethistle

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