You NEED a mentor!

We were having a braai (BBQ to any none South African’s) last night with Ian’s cousins and we were talking about the power of having someone in your life as an entrepreneur who is a few steps ahead of you to help guide you through the ups and downs of being a business owner.

These people can be the magic ingredient a small business needs to thrive, the person who tells you to keep at it when you’re at your lowest point, or just someone who gave the right advice at the right time. Whatever the situation, many people owe a great deal of gratitude to their mentors.

And it got me thinking about my own mentors, I have been lucky enough to have several people who have all helped me in different ways but one mentor in particular came into my business at the right time and helped shake things up and got me thinking about my business in a completely different way.


Lisa Johnson has been a mentor to me for the about 6 months now, her no fluff approach to business is so refreshing as is her super honest get s**t done as done is better than perfect mentality.

Today marks a huge milestone in Lisa’s own business journey as she has been featured in the one and only Forbes magazine you can check out the article HERE, as any entrepreneur will know this is a huge honour and could be a massive quantum leap forward for her business.

If you are looking for an inspirational story that is going to help kick your butt into gear this is for you! I highly recommend you read Lisa’s story, it shows what pure determination and a bloody strong will can do and just how any of us can succeed if we are concentrate on the parts of our business that actually make money rather than all the ‘other stuff’ that just keeps us busy.

You can check out Lisa’s free facebook group HERE and connect with her on Instagram here if you are intreugied to find out more. 

Let me know what you think? Do you have a mentor? Why not hit the reply button and tell me how having a mentor has positively impacted your life? I love nothing more than hearing powerful stories of women helping women! 

Love Abi x


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