We’re having a baby!

I want to caveat this post and say if you are currently struggling or have struggled to start a family this post may be triggering so you might want to just skip on by. I’m aware how heart wrenching posts like this can be so I just want to give you the heads up. xox

We are so excited to share some big news in the Hugo household!! We are expecting baby no. 2!!
Making an announcement and sharing this news online is a really big deal for me as I did absolutely nothing to announce Henry’s pregnancy. In fact the only way people found out beyond our immediate friends and family was when Ian posted a picture of me celebrating getting my law degree when I was 34 weeks pregnant. As you can imaging people were a little shocked to see me sporting a massive bump!

We had suffered multiple miscarriages prior to Henry and I was so scared that announcing our first pregnancy to the world would jinx it somehow! I really struggled to connect with my pregnancy because that fear was constant throughout my pregnancy.

Celebrating this time around

I made a promise to myself that if we ever got pregnant again I would try to enjoy it and document the process as I miss not having something to look back on. Although I know I was only doing it to protect my heart. This time I want to enjoy all the little moments and share the journey as one of the most amazing things I have found about Instagram is I know have a little scrapbook of journal entries spanning 18 months.

One of the things that helped me through the tough times prior to Henry was reading others women’s experiences through blogs and social media posts. And since becoming a mum is the primary reason for starting a business because it allows me the flexibility to work around Henry. I decided to add a section of my blog that is devoted to my personal life so I can document my own experiences of juggling business and parenthood and if sharing my experiences helps just one other person or inspires them too then I will be so grateful and honoured.

I have been though so many emotions with this pregnancy, I realise how self indulgent I was the first time around. If I felt unwell I would just collapse on the sofa or take myself to bed. Even though I was working full time I would say that was easier than trying to look after a toddler whilst pregnant because my job meant I could just sit back in my chair and work at my desk. There was no running around after a hyper two year old. Or trying to cook a semi healthy dinner for my first born whilst simultaneously puking into the bin.

Thank goodness that is over!

Now I am through the first trimester sickness (almost I am still sporadically throwing up – can someone explain how that is fair at almost 17 weeks, that is not what the book says) and exhaustion, the next level of fun has hit… the realisation that I will actually have two children!

I like to think life is pretty nice and easy right now, I have a child that sleeps through 7-7 (don’t hate me!!) so consistently that Ian and I are able to take turns having a lie in on the weekends. We still have nice evenings together and every now and then we get to go out for dinner or to the cinema (because that suddenly becomes THE thing to do if you have a kid free night) because my mum is happy to have one child for the night.

I’m semi freaking out about the sudden lack of freedom – kind of in the same way I did the first time around but now I’m scared of losing the last smidge of freedom I currently have.

I struggle to keep the house tidy and in order with one child despite what you might think by looking at my Instagram account – I can promise you it actually only looks like that once in a blue moon (pretty much when we know we are having guests over, if you drop in unannounced you can bet you’ll see the pig sty it actually is). How am I going to clean, tidy and wash with another human being?

I know these are probably normal questions and those of you reading with two or more kids are probably thinking ‘it’s fine, you just deal’. But right now I am pretty nervous.

I am obviously super excited too, I am currently just over 16 weeks so we will shortly get to find out the sex. Something I did with Henry as I thought it would help me bond and it definitely did and now I can’t imagine not finding out.

Once massive difference this time is that I haven’t had time to read a single pregnancy blog, the first time round the size in comparison to the fruit would just roll off my tongue and where it was in terms of its brain and facial developments were so important to me. This time I am lucky to actually remember what week I am or even trimester for that matter. When people ask how far along I am I’ve decided to just tell them my due date and let them figure it out!! Perhaps because I feel like ‘meh, I’ve done this once, I kinda know whats happening.’

However… If you Want to read an awesome pregnancy blog that won’t bore you to tears?

If you are looking for an awesome pregnancy blog that is guaranteed to make you giggle even when you are feeling crap, I highly recommend this week by week one by Amy Corbett Storch it is the only one that didn’t bore me to tears.

Once a month

My plan for this part of the blog is to post (hopefully) monthly updates to document running a business through pregnancy and then second baby. I currently feel super fired up having come through the first trimester and I am enjoying automating my business in preparation for Maternity leave and I want to share the process so you guys can pick up tips should you ever need to.

I feel time time blocking is going to be my friend over the next few months – if you want any tips on how I currently use it, you can check out my related post here – How to use Time Blocking to drastically increase your productivity.

Love Abi x

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