10 things people don’t know about me

A few fun facts that you may or may not know about me…

The other week I announced that I’m pregnant woohoo, and shared a little about how I was feeling. Well as a continuation of that theme ‘personal stuff on the blog’ I thought I would create a little post so you can get to know me a little better. Because lets be honest sometimes that is far more interesting than the business stuff!

It’s like having a good old stalk on someones social page and finding an absolute gem of a fact or picture… well to save you the stalking I thought I would share some fun facts beyond the fact I love wine, coffee, twiglets and candles!

1. I didn’t pass my driving test till I was 26

Not only did I not pass it was the 4th time!! OMG right. I took the test 3 times when I was 17 and lets just say I was a little hot headed back then. When I was 21 I got a scooter for Christmas, I think my parents felt sorry for me having to walk everywhere since I had no money for the bus! I loved my scooter and it definitely helped me with road awareness because trust me when I say if you’re on two wheels you have to make damn sure you are seen. Basically scooting around helped me eventually pass my test… I think the saying is 4th time lucky right?

2. I have been with Ian since I was 18

We are pretty much childhood sweethearts and this September we celebrate 5 years married and this year is 12 years together! Not sure how we have done it but I am pretty certain it has involved a lot of wine, cheese and a mutual love of winding each other up.

3. I used to be a Cheerleader

Ok so this is linked to the previous one, technically I met Ian because he was the quarterback of our university American Football team and I was on the cheer squad. I can tell you honestly I lasted 3 months because I absolutely sucked at it!! The cheers were just not my thing!

4. I actually used to be a competitive gymnast

This is what got me into the cheer team, there was no gymnastics team at our uni and so I settled. I absolutely love Gymnastics to this day if I am drunk I will always do something to show off either a cartwheel or the splits – both of which usually result in a sprained ankle due to heels and intoxication but I just can’t resist.

5. I Managed a hotel at 21

Having gone to uni to study tourism management I quickly discovered you didn’t need a degree to do what I wanted to do. So, I got myself a job at the only 5 star hotel in Bristol and worked my way up. At 21 a role at a boutique B&B came up for a live in general manager and I applied never thinking I would ever get it. The owner thought I was about 27 (hmm thanks..?) and offered me the job because of my previous experience. I think he was a little shocked when he finally figured out my age.

6. I graduated from my Law Degree when Henry was 2 weeks old

When I was at the hotel I started to regret not finishing my degree (or more correctly not having one) so I signed up to the Open University to do a law degree. It took me 5 and half years to complete whilst working full time and I graduated with a 2:1 – This is probably my proudest achievement apart from having children.

7. I was part of a circus

This runs along the theme of trying to find something to substitute for gymnastics but I joined a circus troupe of acrobatics in Bristol. This faired far better than the cheerleading, I absolutely loved it and would sign up again in a heartbeat.

8. I love decorating cakes

I say decorating because I actually despise making them! I just like making them look pretty!

9. I draw a portrait for the singer Anastasia

It’s safe to say I have always loved being creative and went through a stage of drawing all the time. but one night I was drawing in a bar waiting for Ian to finish his shift and a man walked up to the bar to order a drink and saw what I was drawing and asked if he could commission me to draw his wife. Turns out it was Anastasia’s husband, ended up also getting free tickets to her show the following night. Win win.

10. I bungee jumped off the highest bridge in the world

Not much to say about this one except it was soooo scary but I am so glad I did it

I hope you found this post interesting… It also serves as a little reminder that letting people peek behind the scenes of your ‘real life’ in business isn’t always a bad thing. People want to find true connection and they enjoy getting to know the person behind the business.

So could you show up on Instagram or on your blog in a slightly more vulnerable and open way? Let your audience connect with you on a level beyond what you do or sell.

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