How to get instant exposure and social proof on Instagram

…in less than 24 hours…

What would it mean to get 1000’s more eyeballs on your Instagram from your ideal audience?

Instant visibility? More followers? More sales?

For some people, it could be pretty life changing.

And it’s actually a pretty simple process, that I’ve tried and tested myself.

With some surprising results.

Here’s how –

Step One:

First and foremost, be sure you understand your target audience, who they follow and where they hang out.

Step Two:

Find influencers, celebrities and thought leaders that you know your target audience follows.

I’d recommend finding at least 10-20 influencers to start with within this space.

Step Three:

Note anything they’ve spent a lot of time on, that resonates well with your own brand message.

This could be a video, a blog article, IG post etc. ANY piece of content they have created that you can speak about, just make sure you’re being genuine.

Step Four:

Share this content on your own profile with your own comments on why you found this valuable, eg “this post really resonated with me for X,Y,Z.” and make sure to tag their profile / handle.

They will be more likely to share if you record a video of yourself speaking to the camera about their content.

If your comments appear sincere and genuine, they are highly likely to respond to you and ideally share your post to their own following, exposing you to a much wider audience of ideal potential followers.

Note, personal or smaller brands are much more likely to share and repost content than large influencers and big companies.

Pro tip: Make this process easy for yourself by creating a spreadsheet with the handles of the Influencer accounts, content you’ve shared and who has

a) responded,

b) shared your post with their own audience – put a star next to their name. You can then refer back to these starred influencers to keep reposting and sharing their content on your profile in a bid to increase profile exposure regularly.

The reason this method works well is because everyone needs validation. A “I appreciate your content!” comment is not only great for social proof but also an ego boost and a great way to get an influencer’s attention. Additionally, most people are on Instagram every day and will usually respond within 24 hours if they like what they see.

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