How to get more engagement on Instagram in 2020

Are you struggling to grow your Instagram account and get it noticed, is your engagement at an all time low??

I’m sharing my best tips and tricks to help you beat the Instagram algorithm and finally grow your account in 2020.

I’ve been on Instagram for a couple of years now and the constant updates can leave you scratching your head but when you do something every day for years you learn some tricks, you can quickly evaluate what works and what doesn’t.

This post is a list of some tricks I’ve tried and seen great results from as well as some things that are currently “popular”.

I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve that will turn the algorithm to your side instead of hiding your posts from absolutely everyone.

If you want to find out what they are, just keep on reading this post.

How to finally beat the Instagram algorithm in 2020

Engagement is the key

It’s 2020 people, and nothing is more important than engagement. If you want to grow your account and for people to follow you, you need to spend time engaging with others.

Engage with your followers. Ask questions in your captions to start a conversation, respond to all your comments and continue the conversation in the comments.

How the algorithm works right now is that the comments are much more important and valued than likes. The more comments you get the more people Instagram shows your picture to. 

It’s also important not to, only, engage with your followers and people you follow but also other Instagram users.

Talk to people with similar interests who post similar type of content as you by leaving real and meaningful comments on their posts.

Don’t spam people with ‘love this’ comments, take the time to actually look at the photo and read the caption, and THEN leave a genuine comment. Show them that you actually took the time to engage with their post. 

Tell a story

Instagram has turned from a photo-sharing app into a storytelling community. Many people use their Instagram accounts as “microblogging” platforms where they share their experiences, give advice and tell stories.

A caption has become an incredibly powerful tool and you should utilize it. If you’re a blogger or a business think of Instagram as an extension of your website, another place where you can share helpful content.

Focus on smaller hashtags

With so many photos being shared every day it’s incredibly hard to stand out from the crowd. Especially when using hashtags that have hundreds of millions of posts.

That is why you need to forget about those mega-popular hashtags (well…not completely but for the most part) and focus on smaller ones.

You know that saying ‘work smarter not harder’?

Well, it can be applied to hashtags as well!

Don’t just add some random hashtags for the sake of it!

Just because you’ve been told you have to use them!

You need to be smart with hashtags!

Take the time to research hashtags and find the best ones for you!

To help you find the perfect ones for your account check out my eBook by clicking the link below:

‘The Ultimate Guide to Hashtags’

The Ultimate Guide to Hashtags eBook cover

Determine your target audience

In order to create a game plan for your account, you first need to learn about your audience.

Who are they? What are their interests? Where are they from? How old are they?

All this information can help you to better understand them and what they like. Take advantage of all that information and create content they will more likely engage with.

After all, that is the goal, for your audience to engage with your account. It all starts with engagement (remember my 1st point?)

If you’re just starting your account define your ‘ideal’ follower, what is their age? gender? interests?

After putting together their “profile” go and create content that will attract them, use hashtags related to them.

Don’t waste time trying to target everyone.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in marketing it’s that you can’t target all markets.

You need to define your target audience and focus on them, and only them.

Games don’t work

Long gone are the days when you could do the old follow-unfollow game *major eye roll*, buy followers or leave meaningless spam comments.

People are sick of that and don’t tolerate it.

Neither does Instagram.

So be smart and don’t play any games as they will only harm you.

Use all the features Instagram offers

Instagram has stepped up their game from the old photo-sharing platform it once was. So take advantage of all the new features.

Here are just a few you should start utilising if you aren’t already!

Instagram stories

Undoubtedly, my favourite feature.

Instagram stories are one of the most used tools on Instagram. They allow you to share more content than what’s on your feed, allow you to be more personal. And show that there’s an actual person behind the account.

Instagram stories let you interact with your audience on a more personal level through polls, Q&A, quizzes etc. which helps you build a stronger connection with them.

With all the algorithm changes and posts not showing up on your followers’ feeds, Instagram Story is one of the only places your followers get to see you!

So take advantage of that and be active on stories!

Post every day so people can see you and remember you!

Like on your grid if you post stories and people engage with them there are higher chances that your posts will show up on top of their feed and Instagram will show them to more people.

Instagram Stories are a very powerful feature and you need to get the most of it!

Get creative with your stories and create unique and helpful content people will love and want to engage with!


Instagram highlights are a very useful tool which lets you keep stories on your profile, under your name. You can create highlights to keep some important or popular stories.

They are especially useful for small businesses as you can save all your key information post stories into one highlight, or some FAQ’s, etc.


There are so many different types of video content you can share, from video in your feed to stories to IGTV. Take advantage of all these possibilities and create some videos.

Nowadays video content is more popular than ever. People prefer watching videos over pictures as they find them more interesting and dynamic.

Get creative, show people behind the scenes we are nosey creatures and want to know more about the people and businesses we follow.

Instagram analytics

And lastly, take advantage of the analytics that comes with Instagram.

(if you don’t have the analytics go to settings > switch to business account and follow the instructions)

Research your analytics to figure out what kind of content works best.

  • What are your most liked posts?
  • Most commented posts?
  • What kind of content does your audience like?
  • What type of content has the least engagement?
  • Use all that information to create content you’ll get the most from.

These were all the tips and secrets I could think of right now. I hope you enjoyed reading my babbling and learnt some new Instagram tricks that will, hopefully, help you grow your account and beat that annoying algorithm!

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