Instagram caption won't post

Why can’t I write a caption in Instagram?

Someone recently reached out and asked me why they couldn’t post their caption on Instagram


  1. Your account might have been restricted because of breaking the one of Instagram’s rules or you have followed too many people, liked too many posts to quickly. A friend of mine was Shadowbanned (if you don’t know what this is click HERE) and account got her account restricted once because of liking and commenting on too many posts at once, luckily it only lasted about an hour or so but it meant her like’s wouldn’t ‘stick’.
  2. If an error message comes up each time and Instagram won’t let you comment then your app might be outdated. Update the app to the latest version in the App Store and see if that helps.
  3. Instgram has certain restrictions to what you can put in a comment. You can’t use more than 5 mentions, 30 hashtags, or make more than one duplicate comment. So make sure you are not doing any of these three things in your caption if it is not posting right.

I hope this helps you get back to posting

Love Abi x

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How To Pick the Best Props for your Instagram Theme

Instagram is the perfect place for growing your visual brand and building a consistent connection between your followers and yourself. Since Instagram is visually focused, it is important to create clean and consistent brand imagery for your followers to fall in love with. When shooting your own brand photography, it can be difficult to determine what subjects and objects you should be shooting. Props, backgrounds, and subjects can vary based on your niche. I created this guide as reference for the perfect props, backdrops, and subjects for your Instagram theme. 



  • Portraits – Full body outfit portraits & Selfies (to show off makeup or hairstyle) 
  • Flat Lay & Still Life – products, clothes, electronics, accessories 
  • Environmental – to show retail store, home, trendy settings


  • Sophisticated – black & white, gold 
  • Bold and Edgy – Red, Black, White, Hot Pink, shiny  
  • Feminine and Youthful – Pastel colors 
  • Youthful – Vibrant colors 
  • Grunge and Goth – Black, dark reds, and purples, gray, textured, gaudy  


  • Solid colors – Walls, seamless paper, cardstock, table/desktop and poster board
  • Flooring – Wood, marble, and carpet 
  • Trendy environments – Walls covered with gallery styled wall art, urban interiors, offices, workspace, coffee shops, retail store interiors and exteriors, urban environments 


  • Trendy clothes and accessories. I see sunglasses and fashion bags are very popular. 
  • Beauty and hair products – makeup, bath products, nail polish (Just make sure everything has nice packaging and looks new) 
  • Fashion magazines, books, planners, notebooks 
  • Food – Coffee, chocolates, and bottled drinks 
  • Electronics – Cell phones, computers, laptops, tablets 
  • Electronic accessories – Cell phone covers, laptop covers 
  • Plants – Flowers and fake leaves (check out Ikea and dollar stores) 




  • Environmental – studios, workspace, desktops, office environment, coffee shops, coworking spaces 
  • Flat Lays – Equipment, drafting materials, stationery, small electronics 
  • Portraits – Of you working on things, shots with you using products or things related to your brand, environmental portrait 
  • Photo & Design Work – Work In Progress (WIP) shots, finalized work, screenshots of software programs & coding, drafts 


  • Feminine – Soft, clean, light colors 
  • Modern – Black, white, cool tones, desaturated colors, high contrast 
  • Urban –  brownish tones, warm, rustic, saturated tones with matte blacks 
  • Illustration style – colorful, vibrant, clean, bold


  • Solid Colors – walls, seamless paper, cardstock, table/desktop and poster board 
  • Flooring & Tabletops – wood, marble, solid, carpet, stone 
  • Environments – Workspace/desk, Coffee shops, Coworking spaces, workplaces, workshops, networking events, interior


  • Equipment – cameras, camera & video equipment and accessories, computers, graphics tablets (Wacom) 
  • Materials – sketchbooks, drafting paper, notebooks, pens and pencils 
  • Design/Creative Magazines and books 
  • Misc – Food, coffee, watches, stationary



  • Environmental – locations, landscape, underwater shots, interiors, architecture 
  • Flat Lays – travel stuff, food, and souveniers 
  • Portraits – Of yourself, people you travel with, locals and natives 


  • Urban – brown, deep green, saturated colors with matte blacks  
  • Classic – clean colors, black & white shots (avoid stylistic filters focus on accurate color correction and contrast), HDR 
  • Modern – black & white, desaturated colors, minimalistic 
  • Happy & Feminine – Vibrant colors, soft tones, bright images with light contrast
  • Natural Environments – Landscapes, waterscapes, woodlands, mountains 
  • Tourist Attractions – Museums, Historical Buildings, Street Photography, Shops and Restaurants, Hotel, Interiors and Architecture 


  • Backdrops – Maps, Bedding, Tabletops, Wood, Carpet, Marble 


  • Travel stuff – luggage, maps, bags, clothes, hiking gear, tickets, passport 
  • Souvenir items 
  • Food – Cultural foods, snacks 
  • Camera & Video Equipment – cameras, tripods, lenses, and accessories 
  • Electronics – Laptops, cell phones, tablets, earphones


  • Portraits – Playful selfies and portraits, working portraits, portraits with your crafts or people using them 
  • Environmental – studios, workspaces, woodshops, workshops, craft stores, and booths 
  • Craftworks – WIPs, finished work, product shots, sketches and artwork 
  • Flat Lays – materials, tools, products


  • Feminine – soft, clean, light colors 
  • Industrial – brownish warm tones, metallics, 
  • Youthful/Child-like – vibrant and colorful 


  • Solid & Textured – walls, seamless paper, cardstock, tabletops 
  • Wood and metal flooring and table tops 
  • Craft papers, art papers, handmade papers 
  • Art tables (with tool marks on them or paint marks)


  • Craft materials – tools, paintbrushes, sculpting tools, sewing materials, yarn, beads, glitter 
  • Arts & Crafts  –books, sketchbooks, art papers, planners, stationary 
  • Finished work – sculptures, crafts, handmade goods, paintings, jewelry, candles, etc.



  • Portraits – maternity, family, baby 
  • Environmental – nursery, baby/kids bedrooms, outdoors, playground, classroom 
  • Flat Lays & Still Life – Baby & maternity clothes and stuff, toys, etc.


  • Baby – soft, clean, pastel colors 
  • Kids – Vibrant, bold colors, multicolored 
  • Maternity – soft, warm or cool tones, clean, deep tones


  • Solid – walls, seamless paper, cardstock, blankets 
  • Flooring & Table Tops – wood, marble, solid, carpet, craft tables


  • Maternity wear
  • Baby stuff – bottles, teething rings, clothes, pacifiers 
  • Celebration – balloons, cards, presents 
  • Toys & Recreation – bubbles, flowers, stuffed animals, glitter 



  • Portraits – Cooking shots, environmental shots with finished food, eating shots 
  • Environmental – Kitchen, Restaurants, Dining rooms 
  • Flat Lays & Still Life – Food, ingredients, cookware


  • Modern Chef – Clean tones, bold or minimal style  
  • Bakery – warm tones, vibrant contrast or matted blacks 
  • Sweets – soft and colorful, pastel 
  • Healthy/Vegan – vibrant greens, clean color correction, and contrast 
  • Food Blogger – urban tones or vibrant tones


  • Table tops – wood, stone, metallic, granite/marble, 


  • Food & ingredients 
  • Cookware and dishware 
  • Small appliances 
  • Napkins, kitchen towels, placemats, foils and cooking paper 
  • Candles 
  • Garnish, sprinkles, plants 
  • Fake foods and fruits 


  • Portraits – Gym environmental shots, selfies in fitness clothes, progress shots, action shots
  • Environmental – Gym, Field, Park, Fitness stores, Smoothie shops, Healthfood stores & restaurants 
  • Flat Lay & Stills – Gym clothes & workout equipment


  • Urban Athlete – Deep tones, matte blacks, warm colors, black & white 
  • Clean Eater – Vibrant, clean tones, bright, neutral tones,  
  • Motivator –  Bold, mostly desaturated with punched skin tones, high contrast, high clarity for muscle tone emphasis 


  • Gym floors 
  • Grass & gravel 
  • Flooring – Concrete, wood, tile, carpet 
  • Bedding & towels 


  • Clothes – sportswear, tennis shoes, sports bras, swimwear 
  • Electronics – phone, tablet, step trackers, fitness apps, and gadgets, earphones 
  • Food – healthy & clean foods, snacks, energy drinks, bottles, protein bars, shakes, smoothies 
  • Accessories – armbands, socks, headbands, towels etc 
  • Equipment – weightlifting, weights, tires, jump ropes, bands 
  • Fitness books, magazines, food journals/guides, fitness journals/guides, printed schedules 
  • Motivational signage, stationary, motivational phrases are written on dry erase boards or notebooks



  • Portraits – Professional portraits, selfies related to profession, meetings, team group portraits, portraits of people working 
  • Environmental – Office, Workplace, Workspace/Desk, Coworking place, Networking events, Coffee shops, 
  • Flat Lay & Still Life – Branding materials, Office supplies & materials, stationary  


  • Urban startup – deep tones, matte blacks, warm tones, textured 
  • Motivational Startup – Bold vibrant colors, clean branding 
  • Corporate – Black, white, silver, pale blue, desaturated, cool tones, minimalistic


  • Table tops – Desktops, wooden tables, marble 
  • Solid – Seamless paper, walls


  • Office Supplies – pens, notebooks, portfolios, planners, stationery, printing papers 
  • Brand Materials 
  • Electronics – Computers, Laptops, Phones, Tablets 
  • Printouts & notes

10 ways to use Instagram Stories to Improve your Engagement

Instagram Stories. They are a bit like Marmite, you either love them or hate them, but either way I bet you still find yourself endlessly watching them flick through one after another. Whatever your personal opinion on them, one thing is clear; Instagram Stories are a great tool for entrepreneurs and bloggers

Why Instagram Stories are so Powerful

Create A Personal Connection

Instagram stories allow you to connect directly with your audience, People can get to know you, see the behind the scenes and really start to form that know, like and trust factor that’s so important. Stories allow for people to see you not perfectly polished all the time, which seems scary, but is actually great because it makes you relatable and helps you build those personal connections.

So, here are my top 10 ideas and tips for improving your engagement through stories 

  1. Vlog your day

This is a post about your day. It’s a personal, talking to camera video blog so that your followers can really get to know who you are as a person or how you spend your day.

This sort of content doesn’t need to be slick and super professional, so don’t worry about spending too much time trying to make it perfect. A vlog is all about being real, so get personal.

How to do it right? Do a quick vlog at the start of the day, telling your audience what you’re going to get up to that day. You could ask your audience to choose some element of your day, so they’re encouraged to engage with your Story. Share more posts throughout your day and show how your day is unfolding. This will help stimulate that FOMO feeling and will keep your audience more engaged throughout the day. 

Then you could finish with a “call to action” to check back later to see how the day panned out.

2. Your latest blog post or Instagram picture

This is such a great one I do this over on the @thewhitethistle a lot. I go to my latest post and share it to my stories and then either put a sticker or a GIF over the top to create intrigue. Or, when using the pen tool, try pressing the different options multiple times to get an overlay of colour. You can then use the eraser tool to cut through it to the visual below.

3. Poll or Q&A

Polls and Q&A Stories are great for encouraging engagement, which in turn gives your content more chance of being seen. It’s also the perfect way to get feedback about your business or blog and the content you create.

Give your audience a poll of different content types, restaurants to review, or let them vote for your next holiday destination. If you’re planning a Q&A, let your audience know ahead of time and entice them with the opportunity to ask you anything!

4.    Giveaway or promo code

Have a sale, promotions or discount code? This is great content for Instagram Stories. You can post your giveaway in Instagram Stories to get more eyes on it, and repost it if you want to promote it again while the sale lasts – make sure you send the story onto some of your Insta friends and ask them politely to share it in their stories for a wider reach.

5.     List or countdown

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. List your favourite outfits, hairstyles, foods, blogs, products, or music choices. The options are endless!

How to do it right? Make your lists shop-able by including links to various stores even better if you can use affiliate links. You can also list your own products or freebies in lists and point viewers to them.  Use countdowns to generate buzz when it comes to launching a product, an event or going on a vacation!

6.     Behind the scenes

Regardless of what your blog’s about or what your business does, people will want to have a connection with YOU, the person behind it. So, behind the scenes content is really great way to give your followers exclusive insight into your brand and let them feel part of the family.

Tip: Add a location sticker for the potential to be featured in the Stories of that place. Same goes for the hashtag sticker.

How to do it right? The behind the scenes Instagram Story posts are especially good if you are representing a brand or you want to showcase a brand, a person or a product. Cover an event, show how you work on your projects or how you engage for a sponsored opportunity. The trick is to shoot at the time and to edit later! You do want to enjoy the process, right?

7.     Quote or daily motivation

Want to inspire and motivate your followers without filling your Instagram page with text overlay? No worries! You can still get inspirational quotes and daily motivation to your audience via Instagram Stories.

This leaves you to focus purely on beautiful imagery and slick video content on your profile.

8.     #FollowFriday

This is an opportunity to share your favourite Instagram accounts. Make sure they’re complimentary brands and align with your values.

If you work this angle well, it could even turn into another idea for a later date, an Instagram Stories Takeover! In a ‘quid pro quo’ relationship, you could offer to do a Takeover for their account too. 

9. Topic series or Highlights

Create a series of IG Stories around a single theme or topic relevant to your brand. Post your best quality, beautifully designed content in this stream, so you can save these Stories to your Highlights for later viewing.

Highlights live right at the top of your IG profile permanently, so make sure they reflect your best work and really illustrate the best bits of your brand. You can use free design tool, Canva, to create consistent cover visuals for these.

10.  Go live!

Instagram live is the opportunity to have a spontaneous chat with your followers. The great thing about Instagram Live is that it can be shared afterwards on Instagram Stories, so you can get some post-engagement going as well.


Saving Instagram Posts

Instagram’s new/ not so new feature which creates a more Pinterest like experience.

Ever seen an absolutely amazing image that you would love to recreate, or a recipe that you want to try on instagram but once you’ve liked it and scrolled on its impossible to find again?

Well, Instagram has introduced the save button which when ever I talk to people seems to be rather under-utilised.

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30 day Instagram Challenge

Are you up to the challenge, I teamed up with my fabulous friend and business coach Chloe Barber to create this fun challenge for small businesses to challenge you to step out from behind the safety net that is this screen and show the true #thebeinginbusiness.

Each prompt allows you to share a little bit of your story and journey with your followers.

One of the most impactful things to do on Instagram is be authentic, so I am challenging you to show up as you are and show your audience the true you!

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Banned Hashtags of 2018

The very essence of The Media Girl Creative is to share top tips and tricks on how to utilise Instagram. So I couldn’t not share this really important topic. Banned hashtags.

Hopefully you are aware of the importance of Hashtags and so I can jump right in and explain why some are banned.  Basically spam accounts tend to pick a hashtag and send lots of inappropriate or unrelated content to that hashtag resulting in Instagram blocking it.

Some hashtags might be banned forever. Think anything with a peach or aubergine emoji – those will probably fall into this category.
Some hashtags might be banned temporarily. This happens when a more innocent hashtag is hijacked and it will be banned until Instagram clear up the spam accounts.

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How to write a blog post in 10 minutes!


I am was so excited putting this blog post together that I literally couldn’t wait to share it.

I hope you find it useful and that this hack helps you as much as it helps me. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @themediagirlcreative where you can find me constantly scrolling.

So just how do you write a blog post in 10 minutes… well let me give you a bit of background as to how I came across this incredible hack.

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Top tips for creating beautiful flatlay’s

Flatlay’s are everywhere and everyone seems to love them! If you are a product or service based business or even a personal brand they are a great way to showcase your product or business.

 Fun Fact: the flatlay was originally called knolling (personally I think that’s a far more amusing name but hey ho, flatlay is clearly here to stay.)

When I first started creating flatlays, I just scrambled some pretty objects together and shot them from above, but as I did more and more I discovered that there was a method to my randomness and I seemed to be using the same techniques overandover. I started getting lots of direct messages on Instagram about how

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