Instagram Masterclass

So maybe you hear me say the word ‘masterclass’ and you think… what the hell is that? Well I’m glad you asked…

Let me break it down: A masterclass is a group of clever cookies just like you, who want to tackle challenges and problems together, learn how to upskill themselves and take away lots of actionable tips in a relaxed, comfortable setting.

What does it look like?

I am offering an Instagram Mastermind for beginners

We will dig into the methods of Instagram marketing what works, what doesn’t and how you can improve your own account. This is a super hands on workshop and is limited to 6 spots so that we have the time to focus on each of your needs so you leave feeling inspired and ready to make the changes necessary to improve your account.

  • Find your niche
  • Tapping into your personal brand
  • How to create content for your personal brand and niche
  • Create a personal content calendar
  • How to improve your smart phone photography skills
  • How to do personalised hashtag research
  • Working with influencers and brand reps
  • How to use video marketing (stories and IGTV) for your brand 
  • and how to convert followers into paying clients! 

PLUS tonnes more!! 

Want to come along to the next one?

  • please email to be added to the waitlist