Tools of the Trade

We all know how important it is to find people we ‘know, like and trust’. Well I thought I would make things a little simpler for you, if you know me and you trust my work then I hope you will take my advice when I say the businesses listed below are one’s I admire and trust whole heartedly. 

Take this as a personal recommendation of businesses I have used for my brand and absolutely loved working with; if you ever have any questions about them or would like to chat about my experience working with them, send me a message as I am always happy to talk about the time I have spent working on my business with these guys! 

ConvertKit – Email Marketing

ConvertKit is a powerful email service provider that delivers automation capabilities without the steep price. Collect leads, send out email broadcasts, connect with your community and allow your business to flourish with email marketing. I personally couldn’t run my business the way I do without this incredible platform

Try it for yourself HERE


Hiral Jethwa – Branding Photography 

I just love the branding photography I have across my website and thats all because of one amazing lady, Hiral is an incredibly talented photographer who I absolutely adored working with! I have to admit as a creative being I was nervous and unsure about using an external photographer but I can not recommend the experience enough! 

Hiral has an amazing eye and her style and creativity are second to none, to find someone who’s vision so closely aligned to mine, where she just understood what I wanted from my brand photography was so exciting. I cannot recommend her enough and if you need convincing check out her beautiful gallery HERE.

Oh PS she also does stunning family portraits! I am plotting my shoot for spring!!