I am so excited you have joined me here, this is a place we can explore the incredible world of Instagram together.

More than anyone I understand how daunting Instagram can feel. At the beginning of the year  all I had was a private personal account and had barely posted 5 photos over the course of the entire year but I took the leap to create a public inspirational home decor account in January @thewhitethistle with the aim of opening an online home decor store and I would showcase my products on Instagram.

When I discovered the joy of Instagram, the community and its power. I became passionately obsessed with Instagram and all its exciting features. I devoured all the information I could get my hands on and grew a loyal following and made friends along the way.

The more my account grew friends started asking for my help with their accounts and thats when I decided that I wanted to create The Media Girl Creative so that pass on that information to you.

I want to use this platform to share my passion for Instagram and flatlay’s so I will also be building up a portfolio of stock photos for my members.

What do you get? 

The package is a monthly subscription course where you will get access to all the knowledge I have. It  Think of it as us grabbing a cup of coffee together, sitting down and having a natter about what we can do to improve your accounts appearance and reach.

As an added bonus just for signing up I will send you a copy of my eBook on how to pick a theme and layout which will give you the guidance you need to help you on your way instantly.

You will also be invited into a members only Facebook group where you can help each other out, ask questions and get real feedback on your account from other members.

PLUS if you sign up today you will get a free 20 min Instagram Audit from me


➳ You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and figure this Instagram thing out once and for all, putting in time and getting your account a little bit closer to that tool you can use to serve your family.

➳ You have been at the business game for a while now, and you just *know* that by improving your Instagram game, you’d be able to play at a higher level and create more opportunities (and impact).

➳ You’ve started a account (um, does creating a bio and adding your profile pic count??), but the algorithm? Erm. You know you’re up to the challenge, just need a coach and some accountability to see you through.

➳ You adore creating content, but feel it could be more effective but you just don’t want to come across spammyon people’s feeds

➳ You don’t mind a little hand-holding when it comes to knowing WHAT on earth to do when it comes to the mysteries of Insta (‘cause guess what? I was there, too, and I didn’t know what an earth I was doing either!).

Ready to join? Here’s what you’ll get:


➳ How to use hashtags to find your Tribe

➳ Why using the right content will improve your engagement

➳ What can you do to improve your engagement today!

➳ How to use Instagram Stories effectively

➳ Comment pods, follow trains, give-aways and collaborations

➳ Working as or with an influencer

➳ Plus tonnes and I mean tonnes more – the list could go on forever!

AND your free Instagram Audit – find out what is and isn’t working on your own page

So what are you waiting for? 

I can’t wait to work together; to curate the feed of your dreams, and reach your instagram goals whether that is to have 1000’s of followers or drive more sales to your website.

I promise with with the right tools, you can reach those goals!

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Love Abi x