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Hey there, I’m Abi,

I’m from a tiny town on the coast of Essex and a mama to my little hero Henry, wife to Ian, who’s my university sweetheart and I’m just a tad obsessed with interiors & Instagram.

I am fuelled by coffee, wine and twiglets… but in a pinch any crisps will do!

When I went on Maternity Leave in 2017, I felt like I finally had the headspace to be able to create a business I wanted, where I could fulfil my creative side after years of working in a very corporate London. I started plotting and when I was wandering around a beautiful interiors shop in Bristol late December the idea came to me. I decided I wanted to start an online home decor business.

We had recently finished refurbishing our 3 bedroom property, which when we first bought the place was a complete hovel, but it meant I could put my own stamp on it which massively excited me.

So I had already been bitten by the decor bug and the idea of selling to others beautiful unique pieces filled me with such excitement. The moment we got home I registered the domain name and opened an Instagram account called @thewhitethistle.

My whole marketing plan centred around styling the pieces in my home, using my house as the stage for my products and using Instagram to reach my customers.

It took me 8 months to line everything up enough to launch my shop and in that time I had managed to grow my account to over 8k followers. I was overwhelmed by the community I found on Instagram and the passion that I had for the platform grew. I absorbed everything I could, learning about the algorithm, filters, presets, comment pods, I could go on and on. 

At the time of the launch I had to make a decision, I was being approached by lots of brands to collaborate with them and I remember turning to Ian and saying what is going to make me more money? I made the decision a month after launching to really scale back the products I offered. Now I only sell the products I make by hand and the rest of the income I earn is through collaborations. I have worked with major high street retailers and million dollar companies to small independent retailers and my passion for Instagram just exploded.

It was because of this passion that I launched my Instagram coaching business, a place to teach others what I had learnt first hand on Instagram and another source for my creative side to outpour.

I started to work with clients managing their accounts but this was so time consuming and the impact I was having would never reach what I wanted it to. So, I moved into helping clients revamp their feeds, and making them look aesthetically pleasing, this is something I think is so important and what really makes brands stand out on Instagram.

From that I realised I wanted to be able to help as many small businesses as I could. Whilst I still love working with people one on one and focusing on their individual needs, I felt like there wasn’t enough time in the day to help everyone, so I started plotting a way to reach and teach more people. That’s why I created my Insta Membership which is a platform where I teach everything I know and have learnt about the biggest marketing tool going!

Love Abi x

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“I have been struggling with instragram as a business tool to generate leads for 6 months till I joined TMI. The support and information from this course and Abi turned my frustrations with instagram around and it’s now an effective lead generation tool for my business. Over the last 9 months I have seen my enquires increases steadily each month and I have notice that the quality of leads is more of my ideal clients as I am attracting the clients suited for my work.

I would recommend this service to any business who is looking to learn how to generate high quality leads from instagram and meet more of their ideal clients – I am so happy to now be working with my ideal clients and happy to say that instrgram is contributing towards my financial targets instead of wasting my time talking to the wrong audience online.”

Hiral Jethwa – Owner of HJ Photography

Hiral Jethwa

Abi’s knolwedge and passion for what she does shine through and her friendly welcoming manner sets you at ease straight away. Abi’s Instagram Masterclass was a fantastic introduction into Instagram for Business. I really enjoyed learning about how to make Instagram work for me and gained a few useful inside tips which I will lbe putting into practice! I’d recomment for any newbies or those needing some direction for their business IG account.

Kerry MacKinnon-Wright

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